Shamrock Films
Company Info

Founded in 2004, Shamrock Films is a movie production company in the Boston area involved in the development, production and exploitation of indepenent films.

The company is complemented by a support group of industry professionals, but the core component is Mike O'Dea, a focused writer-director-actor with a natural sense of pathos that he weaves into his films. His real life experiences have hardened his resolve and the result is an ultra-gritty and ice-cold film style with a spark of warmth.

Mike O'Dea portays the dirty Boston cop 'Remar' in the Denzel Washington movie The Equalizer (2014) directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day). He also appeared in the Showtime series Brotherhood and co-starred in the TV series pilot Orlando Blues.

Shamrock Films has several projects in various stages of development, but it intends for Bulldog to be its next release.